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Guess who is qualified to minister to people in the Marketplace?

That's right, you are!! Do you have a personal relationship with God? Do you want to see the will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven? Would you like to see righteousness established in your city? If you answered yes to all three, then you are a qualified marketplace minister!

The beauty of the marketplace ministry is you don't have to have a certain degree or be ordained. There are no meetings that must be attended, no candles to light, or particular songs to sing. These things are unnecessary when you are in line at the local Food 4 Less Market or DMV. What you do need; is to have your eyes and ears open, someone near you might need help. Explain an experience you had and how God saw you through a similar situation. It may sound something like this, … "I used to be fearful of everything, but I learned how God loved me, and He took that fear from me! I am a more confident person because of what He did in me. Can I pray for you the same kind of prayer that helped me?" We don't have to preach or feel the need to pray some lengthy prayers, for the short ones do nicely. Just be willing to listen to a person's need and share with them how God met that same need in your life.

So ask yourselves these questions… Was Jesus just kidding when he said, "Go and preach the kingdom?" Was he just speaking to a select few when he said, "Heal the sick?" Did he ever say, "Be sure to hide your light under a bushel when you are in the public square or only display your light in church?" If you believe like I do, that Jesus was imparting truth to be lived out, then you are a Qualified Marketplace Minister. You have what it takes to bring beauty, freedom, healing, and salvation to those lost and waiting for the answer. Go, and be a light for Jesus, wherever you are!

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