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Where will the next move of God be?

Marketplace Ministry


God is always on the move! And many times it is where someone might least expect Him to act. Many think it will be in some church or religious building. Not me. I believe He loves surprises! Like when He rent the veil of the Holy of Holies and then weeks later showed up in an upper room out in a Jerusalem neighborhood… far from the Temple. And when He showed up there, it was in His great power distributed on those in that room. And in such a personal way that it is described as being seen as “Individual Flames” on each believer’s he

ad. What a surprise! No temple priest by natural birthright to the Levitical tribe, but many leaders by spiritual inheritance, through the Son of God. Have you ever asked Him where He might like to show up in power? And His answer would be, “Why in you of course! That’s why I put you in my Son and the Kingdom in You!” For many of the Christians in the first century, the Temple didn’t offer sanctuary from Rome or even the religious elite. Many fled along the highways to places of commerce to make a living, and in those places, they shared their faith. It was in the marketplace that scripture records all most all of the miracles. Only 3 miracles out of the many miracles that Jesus did are recorded in the Synagogue or Temple. And the hundreds of miracles recorded in scripture that the early Christians did, none were accomplished in the synagogues or Temple. Christ effectively abolished Temple worship by tearing the veil, leaving the Holy of Holies created for Him and depositing himself into His New Creations made available through the Blood of His Son, Christ Jesus. So where will He breakout in power next? Where are there people dying to know a Savior? Where are people working and investing their lives that need to know a miraculous God? Where is there a hunger for righteousness and truth, hope and joy? The marketplace, the place of commerce, government and education! Everyone has to connect with the marketplace daily. You go throughout the market daily, and you are the perfect vehicle, being filled with the Holy Spirit the power of God in the earth, to deliver the presence of God wherever you go! You have a bonafide ministry! You are like the Tabernacle, a portable Temple of God! Bringing the God of Salvation, Miracles, Power, Hope, Provision wherever you go. Aren’t you the least bit curious… Ask God, “Where would like me to take you, for Your next move?”

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