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Prayer for the City of Paso Robles

We declare that the city of Paso Robles is no longer a town of lawlessness and outlaw mentality, where independence from God is the norm. But it is a city where the New Wine of God is poured out and the Olive Oil of the Spirit flows and the blessing of God on His people is freely given and received. Where the unity and the vision of a thriving marketplace flows from the river of God and then flows from the river of God and then flows out to the surrounding cities.

We declare that the city of Paso Robles, The Pass of the Oaks, is a city that is like the tree that is planted by the streams of water where the fruit from that tree yields good and nourishing fruit for spiritual growth and shelter for all who partake. The roots of the tree go deep into the water of life and all that the tree produces prosperous the people of the city. It's branches spreading out to the north, south, east and west to share with the North County.

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