Prayer for the City of Atascadero

Thank you Father, for Your wonderful plans and Your good and perfect gift of blessing to the North County. Thank you God for giving to us a love for our cities, the people, the government, the schools, the churches and the business. All which make up our North County of San Luis Obispo.

We declare that the city of Atascadero is no longer identified with the name “A place to be stuck in the mud-or-Mud Hole-or-Garbage Heap” we declare that we are city of Living Water, bringing healing and restoration to all who drink. We are a city of hospitality where the Goodness of Go flows to all who would come. We are city known for our beauty, the beauty of Godliness and charitable Love. In our city all are welcome who come searching for peace and refuge. We declare in the city of Atascadero the Peace of God is one of our foundations. God’s peace is displayed and shared lavishly in our city and resides in the city’s people. The city of Atascadero’s great protection is that the Peace of God surrounds the city and chaos, evil and dissention cannot enter in and steal away the Peace of our God. The City of Atascadero is a refuge from the schemes, plans and attacks of the enemy for all who would enter the City’s Gates.

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