As we connect together as salt and light so we become a city ablaze when we worship all as one.

We are intentionally growing the Bride of Christ through what is regularly known as home or life groups, we're calling them HUBs. It is in the smaller setting that we connect, build relationships, grow in Godly identity, and equip His bride.

Monday @ 7 PM

It is our heart to raise up leaders in the Body of Christ, we believe that we are all called to leadership/maturity in our grace gifts and we should be using them in the workplace and in our communities. Join us for worship, fellowship, and ministry.

Tuesday @ 6 PM

In our classes "Reasons to Believe" we will address some basic assertions that skeptics give to debunk our faith. Week by week we will explore, on a beginner's level, the historical, scientific, and logical evidence that supports our faith. We can learn how to give an answer to those who ask why we have so much hope.

Thursday @ 6 PM

More than ever we need to focus on what our heavenly Father is saying and doing, rather than what we see in the world and what it's shouting. Ernie and Doana Raquepo will be leading a study on "Keys to Brillant Focus." Join us for worship, teaching, and group discussion.

Out of the Mire Ministries

P.O. Box 2976

Atascadero, CA 93423

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